The innovative and cool food mailboxes in Rauma are good for great experience and financial savings

Rauman kaupunki otti käyttöön ensimmäisenä kaupunkina Suomessa Viilea -ruokapostilaatikot, jonne Posti toimittaa ruokakassit.

Rauma has become the first city in Finland to introduce Food mailboxes. The food is delivered by the reputed Finnish postal service provider, Posti.

Rauma introduced food-mailboxes and is collaborating with Finnish Posti for food delivery services. The introduction of Viilea food-mailbox service has enhanced commercial side of city’s support service which is able to cover now the large part of the city. This helps our elder generation to benefit from the commercial sectors of the city. Viilea’s food-mail service has brought the cost down for the city. Initially, the nurses have to take care of these things in addition to taking care of elderly people. However, now the nurses can completely focus on taking care of elderly people rather than worrying about food.

Rauma the city’s cost of commercial service has been approximately EUR 70 000 per year. City trading service costs have been reduced substantially, and the cost will continue to decline with the introduction of food mailboxes expansion. Food mailboxes electricity consumption is moderate, since the three-month average fuel consumption of Rauma was 15 kWh / box. Rauma food productivity mailboxes are an investment that pays for itself quickly.Rauma is hoped that the food mailboxes also becoming more common in the elderly households, which are not yet in home care. Food Mailbox allows you to live at home for longer time in situations where trade-services is perceived as difficult.
Food Mailbox is easily applied elsewhere in the country. The national expansion would be even desirable. At the moment, all the kind of development that enhances social and health services are needed in Finland to produce social sustainability.

I recommend other cities to explore a new form of service.

More information could be asked from Minna Nurminen, from Rauma city. Tel 044 403 6247