Seniors / Relatives

There are more seniors today than before. An increasing number of elderly need help with their daily chores. Consider the possibility to order groceries for your parent or grandparent and track the delivery through Viilea smartphone app. You can even link a security system to our Viilea service and see when the groceries have been taken out.

Families with kids

Time is a rare luxury nowadays, especially for families with small children. Parents struggle to find time for work, hobbies, laundry, cooking, cleaning, social responsibilities and many other things. When do you do your shopping? We do our shopping online together with the family before bedtime. No more waiting in queues in a grocery store with tired kids. Instead, save time for more important things. Spend some quality time with your family or maybe take some time for yourself.

Holiday home

Weekend at the holiday home waits ahead. First, you travel by car and maybe by boat 2-4 hours and then there’s lawn mowing, unpacking, cleaning, cooking and heating the sauna. What about food? There is no space for groceries in the car, the queue in the local store is long and they are out of strawberries. Not to mention the tired, hungry children crying in the car since the dog ate all their snacks and everyone needs to pee. Why don’t you skip all that? Having a Viilea foodmailbox at your holiday home means you could have food and cool drinks ready waiting upon your arrival. Have a truly happy holiday – with strawberries.

Rental cottages

Skiing holiday in Lapland is the highlight of your family’s year. First you sit ten hours in car with all your skiing equipment, snow shoes and sleds. Then, you arrive to your cottage all tired and hungry and there is no food in the fridge. Off to the store! Once in the store, the queues are long and shelves empty. Finally, you end up buying take out food.

What if there were a Viilea foodmailbox at the rental cottage? You could order all you need before the trip! Let us take care of you.


At home: Providing Viilea for your employees, they don’t have to stress about making it to the store after work. 

Statutory business insurance covers employees for transportation between home and work. Usually employees do their shopping right after work so accidents can occur. If an employee collides in a parking lot or slips while carrying heavy shopping bags, the business is liable for the damages. Having a Viilea foodmailbox for your employees can save your business a lot of trouble.

At work: Businesses can also use Viilea service for offices. Why not order lunches, snacks, coffee, milk, toilet paper online and have them delivered directly to your office?

For everyone else

Our service will help all people no matter their social class, gender, nationality or age. We want you to stop and think what it means to be time-efficient, ecological, and cost-effective. We want to create better life with you – to all of you.